Writing   Assignment:
Answer the following prompt. Your response should be approximately 1-1 ½ pages
(5-7 sentences per paragraph). Include a thesis statement, provide examples,
include 1-2 quotes, and ensure that your response is free of grammatical

Writing Assignment 1: Write a 1 page response (250-300 words) with 1-2 quotes.
Choose one of the following prompts:
  1. Support  or refute Plato’s claims that human beings are often reluctant to confront   unpleasant realities and prefer to fantasize and avoid them. Include    
    examples to support your statements and include a minimum of two quotes   from  the text.

 2. Write on your associations, images, or   concepts of freedom in relation to 2-3 of the texts we have read thus far.    To what extent is freedom related to ethnicity? Include a minimum of two  quotes from the text.

3. Write an   analytical response to one of this week’s reading selections. How does language impact the tone of the literary work? What is the purpose of the literary text? Include a minimum of two quotes from the text. 

Writing Assignment 2: Write a 350-500 word reflection of 3-5  pieces of literature we have read thus far. What are the common themes, symbols, and conflicts?

Writing Assignment 3: Write 350-500 words on one of the following
prompts. The reply to one member of the class (3-4 sentence response). Please
choose one of the following:

1. In Toni Cade Bambara's "The Lesson," Miss Moore states, "Where we
are is who we are." To what extent do you agree? Do you consider yourself the
product of your social class? What factors have contributed to your identity?
(p. 604)
  2. In Gary Soto's "Black Hair," what associations, emotions,
or attitudes toward illegal immigrants do you bring to your reading of the text?
  Use examples from the text to support your statements.
  (p. 632)
In Eric Liu's "Chinaman's Chance: Reflections on the American Dream," what
concepts, experiences, associations, or images of the American Dream can you
bring to the reading of the text? (p. 639)
4. Write a reflection on the  impact any of the three stories we have read this week. Include a minimum of 2 quotes to support your statements.


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